Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Democratic Hamiltonians?! Will Both Our Political Parties Continue to Play Working Americans for Fools?

Does Alexander Hamilton really offer the kind of policy solutions the Democratic party needs to address the terrible situation working Americans have been placed in by several decades of unfettered globalization?

According to the Brookings Institution's Hamilton Project, Alexander Hamilton is the icon of all good things....

As Satyagraha has previously written, however, Democrats concerned about the future of working Americans may seriously question whether Hamilton and Bob Rubin hold the Democratic policy key to our economic futures....

And we were glad to see that the Washington Post's editorial writer Harold Meyerson noted some of these same problems with the "Hamilton Project" in a column on April 19.

We also note that David Sirota, author of the new book Hostile Takeover: How Big Money & Corruption Conquered Our Government--and How We Take It Back, has also previously criticized the Hamilton Project for the way it betrays, rather than furthers, the real democratic project of creating a nation where all Americans can work together to prosper in a peaceful and sustainable world.

Cheers to David Sirota and Harold Meyerson for helping to point out the false policy direction in which the dominant leadership of the Democratic party would like to continue to take us.

And this is why, so long as democratic citizens allow the Democratic party to continue to be governed by this tired old policy elite, which is more beholden to the interests of globalization and the furtherance of their own wealth, than to the common good of the American people, there will continue to be so little difference between the alternatives offered by our two political parties.

If we want to fight the corruption and betrayal of the futures of all Americans represented by both our parties, it is time to choose not only new party representation, but new policy ideas, in November. But especially let's throw out the bums in the Democratic party who continue to offer the same kind of tired and limited policy alternatives as the Republicans.

As long as the policy ideas represented by the Democratic Party continue to offer no new vision of democratic possibility for the majority of working Americans, the great number of voters who could turn the political tide of this country in November will continue to question whether their vote for one or the other side of the Demopublicans will make any difference. And because Americans are not stupid, we should not expect a groundswell for change to develop on the side of a renewed Democratic party unless the Democrats can prove that they have a truly new Policy Vision to fight for this summer and beyond.

Without a new Policy Vision that addresses how the Democrats will deal more effectively with the terrible problems facing this country because of Global Warming, the disastrous foreign policy of the War in Iraq, and the ineffective strategies for dealing with the challenges of immigration, poverty, and health insurance in the US, we should expect many Americans to continue to doubt that either Party will serve them well. And, of course, this is the status quo the leadership of both parties would seem to prefer, since it will allow them to continue to take advantage of the American public and play us all for fools.

So long as doubt and apathy continue to divide and cloud the minds of the democratic majority who have the power to throw out this uninspired and narrowly self-interested political leadership, this tired and uninspired leadership will remain in power, and will continue to use its power to do what they have been doing for way too long now--selling low- and moderate-income hard-working Americans down the river--

We need a new Democratic Party with a true alternative Agenda that represents the interests and needs of all working Americans, rather than the interests and needs of the plutocrats who hope to keep control of both parties in the name of protecting the future of a version of globalization that will continue to make them rich on the backs of the working people of the US and the rest of the world.

Let's win our democracy and our policy back to the service of the working people of this country--by electing only those who will fight for us and our interests, rather than against us, even as they pretend to be "Democrats" but wear the policy clothing of the plutocrats they most truly represent.

So "Hear ye, Hear ye," oh Bob Rubin, and all who think an old Federalist like Hamilton is the best symbol for a Democratic economic policy for the twenty-first century--

We, the democratic people of the United States, can and must do better than this! But to do better for ourselves and each other collectively, we must create, together, a new Policy Vision and Agenda that will serve the interests of all Americans....

This is the work, and the challenge, we have ahead of us in the coming months. For if we cannot create a clear alternative agenda, and shape a new Democratic Party able to fight for such an agenda, it will make little difference which Party wins the elections in November....


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