Monday, August 06, 2007

In spite of Dingell's opposition, the House passed landmark Energy Legislation on Saturday

Sierra Club Hails Passage of Renewable Electricity Standard in House
Speaker Pelosi Delivers Major Victory for Clean Energy!

Today the House of Representatives passed a landmark national Renewable Electricity Standard by a vote of 220 to 190. It then went on to pass the energy bill itself on a final vote of 241 to 172.

Statement of Carl Pope, Sierra Club Executive Director

“Last fall Americans voted for change and a new direction on energy issues and global warming. Today the House of Representatives began to deliver on this promise by passing a landmark national Renewable Electricity Standard (RES) for the first time—a major step toward kickstarting the clean energy economy. Twenty-three states have already demonstrated that Renewable Electricity Standards are a reasonable, achievable policy that brings clean, renewable energy and green jobs to America. The national RES passed today stands to save consumers billions on their electricity and natural gas bills; create billions in new income for ranchers, farmers, and rural landowners; and create tens of thousands of new good-paying manufacturing jobs.

“The rest of the House energy bill also contains numerous other important provisions that will help us begin to fight global warming and end our dangerous dependence on fossil fuels. I’m sure Speaker Pelosi would be the first to agree that Congress’ work on energy and global warming is not finished. But after years—if not decades—spent battling truly reprehensible energy legislation, it is extremely refreshing to be instead focused on just how many progressive policies can be added to an energy bill.

“Speaker Pelosi has delivered a new day on energy in Congress. Instead of determining how many billions in unnecessary subsidies will be shoveled to the coal, oil, and nuclear industries, the House energy bill marks the beginning of a dramatic reorientation of our energy policy toward one focused on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and a new energy economy designed to benefit the many, not the few. The fact that the debate has been so swiftly reoriented is truly a credit to the Speaker’s commitment and leadership.

“We now look forward to working with our allies in the House and the Senate to deliver a bill from conference that combines the best elements of both bills into a final bill that President Bush should feel compelled to sign.”
The Big Question is: Will Rep. Dingell begin working with, rather than against, the rest of the Democratic Party in his powerful position as Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee?


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