Friday, August 10, 2007

84% of Voters In Michigan’s 15th Congressional District (of Rep. John Dingell) Demand Higher Fuel Efficiency Standards

TO: Pew Campaign For Fuel Efficiency
FROM: The Mellman Group, Inc. & Public Opinion Strategies
RE: Public Support For Stricter Fuel Efficiency Standards In Michigan’s 15th CD
DATE: July 23, 2007

Because Michigan’s 15th Congressional District is home to much of the auto industry, and because it is represented by Chairman John Dingell, many regard it as “ground zero” in the debate about fuel efficiency or CAFE standards.

Nevertheless, voters in this District voice overwhelming and unwavering support for increased fuel efficiency standards. Large majorities demand higher standards, even after being presented with the best arguments the opposition has to offer. In fact, voters reject opponents’ key arguments.

The people of Michigan’s 15th Congressional District are clear: they want standards that are higher, binding, come into force sooner and are not capped. Voters will think more highly of a Member of Congress who reflects their views on this issue.

Our just completed survey shows that over four in five (84%) voters in Michigan’s 15th CD favor requiring the auto industry to increase fuel efficiency for cars, trucks pickups and SUVs while only 15% oppose increases. Moreover, three quarters (69%) strongly favor requiring increases in fuel efficiency, while only 10% are strongly opposed.
To Read More of this Report, click here.
Full report posted on site of the Pew Campaign for Fuel Efficiency.


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