Friday, May 09, 2008

Big Media Becoming More Powerful and Stupid at same time: Stop Big Media's Assault on our Democracy!

Even as Big Media is becoming more stupid in the way it frames the discussion of the most important issues for this country's future, such as Race (see previous blog posts), so that it distracts public attention from the real information and policy issues needed for democracy to function, Big Media (with the help of the Bush administration) has been growing ever more consolidated and powerful.

Big Media has thereby developed increasing capacity to control how the discussion of major issues takes place in this country.

Democratic citizens of all persuasions and parties in this country need to unite to oppose this consolidation of big corporate media power that threatens the very foundations of our democracy.

From Credo:

Stop Big Media Consolidation

Tell the Senate to reverse the FCC and prevent the media consolidation that is so damaging to our democracy.

In this very important election year, will a small handful of companies gain even more control over what we see, hear and read every day?

Click here to tell your senators and Majority Leader Reid to reverse the FCC's recent decision to allow greater media consolidation.

Senator Dorgan of North Dakota has launched an effort to reverse the FCC's decision to gut the longstanding "newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership" ban, which prohibits a local newspaper from owning TV and radio stations in the same market. Senator Dorgan has introduced a "resolution of disapproval" in the Senate to veto the FCC's decision; the resolution cleared an important committee vote last week, and is headed for a full Senate vote in upcoming days. Your voice is needed now—under Senate rules, this resolution must pass within 60 legislative days, and the clock is ticking.

We all know that democracy can't exist without an informed public—but media consolidation leads to fewer and less diverse voices in the debate, and less competition in the overall media system. When just a few companies are poised to gain control of the messages we see and hear every day, it poses a threat to the very fabric of our democratic society.

Click here to ask your Senators to support the resolution of disapproval and reverse the FCC's decision.

Thank you for working to build a better world.

Will Easton, Activism Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets


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