Sunday, September 21, 2008

If Taxation is Unpatriotic (says Palin), How will the Republicans Pay for War in Iraq and Bail-Out of the Financial System?

So this week, as the financial system is on the verge of collapse because of the Republicans' anti-government, anti-regulation, anti-tax laissez-faire ideology, we have the spectacle of Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin underlining the irrationality of this Republican ideology by stating that raising taxes on the wealthy would be both unpatriotic and harmful.

According to the Republican logic of Sarah Palin, asking the wealthy to pay more taxes (as Joe Biden proposed) "is not patriotism," but is "about killing jobs and hurting small businesses and making things worse." (And McCain said the idea of asking the wealthy to pay more taxes was "dumb.") Nice for those like Palin and McCain to think such things, as the Republicans continue to uphold a policy of protecting the wealthy from taxation while the middle classes and poor are burdened with the gigantic growth of the national debt for war and financial bail-outs that the Republicans have imposed on our country.

In response to this statement by Palin and the Republicans, we need to ask: if taxation of the wealthy is now unpatriotic, how will the Republicans propose to pay the tremendous costs of fighting their wars and bailing out the financial system that they have brought to the verge of collapse on their watch? How will the Republican ticket of Palin/McCain pay the gigantic trillion-dollar bill of the bail-out of the entire financial system that their own failed policies have now forced us into?

And we would also like to ask the corporate media when they will begin to uphold their own patriotic duty by asking the Palin/McCain Republican ticket some fundamental questions about patriotism, taxation, and basic economics (since Palin has raised this issue for discussion, and the financial health of even the corporate media depends on the maintenance of an ordered national financial system):

If taxation of the wealthy is now unpatriotic, how do the Republicans propose to pay for the terribly expensive war they have gotten us into in Iraq? If taxation is unpatriotic, is paying for the war in Iraq also unpatriotic? If it is not patriotic for the wealthy to pay more taxes, is it not even more unpatriotic to be placing more of the burden of taxation on the middle and lower classes, as unprogressive and flat tax proposals do?

It seems Republicans like Palin and McCain would like to continue to avoid any responsibility for answering the question of how the nation will now pay the gigantic debt-load of the failed policies the Republicans have imposed on our country. And according to the logic of Palin, if it is unpatriotic to impose more taxes on the wealthy, guess who will end up paying these gigantic expenses under another Republican administration-- the middle class and poor (through ever higher sales taxes and flat taxes and all the forms of taxation that hit the poor and middle class the hardest while they allow the wealthy to continue to walk away with million dollar salaries for running our financial system and country into the ground!!!)

Palin/McCain would apparently love to call taxation of the wealthy unpatriotic, even while they continue to ignore the gigantic tsunami of expenses that Republican policies have imposed on the American people, so that they can continue to protect the wealthy while the middle classes and poor are burdened with the ever-growing cost of paying for failed Republican policies.

Why are the media not asking these most fundamental of questions??!!

It is precisely the media's silence and lack of critical attention to the fundamentally irrational and absurd and unsustainable approach of Republicans to taxation, regulation, and economic policy that has allowed the country to fall into this mess, and even now, as things fall apart, the corporate media continues to ignore the ways the Palin/McCain team would simply like to continue this same absurd and country-killing set of irrational policies toward national finance and taxation!

When will the corporate media begin to challenge the utterly absurd, irrational way Republican policy is fundamentally undermining the future of this country?! and the ability of the vast majority of the people of this country to live decent lives?!! When will the media begin to challenge directly the funamental lack of patriotism in Republican policies that continue to destroy the foundations that support national finance and economy?

If asking the wealthy to pay more taxes is unpatriotic, how do the Republicans propose that the country now pay for the gigantic financial bail-outs that their own laissez-faire antiregulatory stance has now foisted upon us, if we are to save the national financial system and economy from collapsing like a house of cards?

And so we ask the corporate media: If you care at all about patriotism, why aren't you asking these kinds of critical questions of the Republicans, to make clear to the American public how utterly absurd and irrational is so much of what the Republican candidates are offering to the American public, as the principles that will guide their administration of the country if they are elected?!!

At a time when the entire economy of the nation and the globe is teetering on the edge of the abyss, the U.S. media continues to be facile and stupid in the face of the destructive irrationality of ideas and policy that the Republican candidates, and sometimes the Democratic candidates as well, are dishing out to us.

ENOUGH!!! When will the individual citizens and taxpayers who are part of the corporate media rise up against the destructive stupidity of the policies that have been destroying this country? When will these people get mad enough at what the Republicans are proposing to continue to do to our country to begin to speak up and raise these fundamental questions??!!

When will the corporate media begin to critique the absurdity of the bullshit people like Palin are throwing at us, so that they can continue to protect the wealthy, and pad their own bank accounts, while middle class folks are burdened with ever greater taxation and inflationary prices--which according to people like Palin, must (by logical deduction) be just fine, since only raising taxes on the wealthy is unpatriotic....

Democratic VP nominee Biden made a clear, straight-forward and rational statement about the responsibility of all American citizens, including the wealthy, to take on a fair part of the burden of paying for the privilege of being a citizen of this country. Biden was making the point that the wealthy have not been asked by the Republicans to pay their fair share. And wealthy people like Warren Buffett would agree with this statement. Paying taxes is the way we all support our country and our government. If this is unpatriotic, what does patriotism mean?

It's time for all people to ask the Republican candidates, if they think raising taxes on the wealthy is unpatriotic, how do they propose to pay the tremendous and quickly growing costs of the tremendous failures of war and financial policy that their eight years of rule have imposed on the people of this country!!!?

When will the fourth estate of the media begin to uphold its own patriotic duty and begin to ask these basic questions of those who would have us elect them so they can continue to run the country into the ground through the same irrational policies that have guided the Bush administration?!


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