Saturday, September 20, 2008


We have an urgent news flash for the two major candidates who are asking the citizens and voters of this country to entrust them with our individual and national destinies in the most severe global crisis since the Great Depression--

NEWS FLASH for the Presidential Candidates:


In spite of your continuing self-centered attacks upon each other, which indicate that you can actually get wrapped up in blaming each other for this crisis, THIS CRISIS IS MUCH BIGGER AND MORE IMPORTANT THAN BOTH OF YOU! And neither of you are so important or influential as to have been the source of this current crisis, so if you really want to be taken seriously, and serve some positive purpose in this current crisis, the first thing you can do is (at least) stop muddying the waters by wasting our patience and bankrupting your trustworthiness by blaming each other for the current crisis.

Playing the political blame game in the midst of the greatest crisis this country has faced since the beginning of the Great Depression only makes you both appear ridiculously trivial and unworthy of leading us through this crisis. So the minimal thing you both need to do if you want us to take you seriously as potential future leaders of our country is to put your petty egos and the political blame game behind you, so you can begin to focus attention on the real sources of our current crisis: the corrupted nature of the economic/political system that has brought us to this crisis.

Then, once you've done this minimal thing, if you really want us to take you seriously, you can show us what you've really got to offer us as citizens and voters--by showing us your analysis of the causes of this crisis and, based on your analysis, the approach you would bring to getting us out of this crisis.

ENOUGH of petty politics! ENOUGH of political bullshit! We want answers, and vision, and clear direction--NOT more of the same old petty distractions from the real crises determining our lives and futures!

In case you haven't yet heard what the heart of the American people has already been saying for a long time: We've had enough of the political bullshit, and if you really want us to take either one of you seriously enough to vote for you, it's time for you to turn off the bullshit about personalities and personal attacks and lipstick on a pig, and show us your analysis of how we've ended up in this mess and what you have to offer us in order to help us all to get out of it. It's time for you to begin to show us how you intend to lead this nation toward reconstructing out of this crisis a renewed democratic system of politics and economics that will begin to serve the interests of ALL the American people instead of the interests of only the most wealthy and powerful.

And if one or both of you cannot get over yourselves and the forms of petty politics in the midst of this crisis, then it's time for the American people to look for other candidates who will be more worthy of both the history and future of the American people and this country.

So Presidential Candidates, PAY ATTENTION to this NEWS FLASH:

It's time for you to move beyond politics as usual, or the American people will move beyond both of you.

We've had Enough, and if you can't show us you have a real alternative to the current forms of economic policy and poliltical bullshit that have gotten us into this mess, it's time for the American people to move beyond you.

THE CURRENT CRISIS IS BIGGER THAN BOTH OF YOU, WAS NOT CAUSED BY EITHER OF YOU, and the only question is whether either one of you will be able to convince us that we should really take you seriously as a presidential candidate in this time of unprecedented crisis.

We've had ENOUGH! Either show us you can move beyond political bullshit, distractions, and mudslinging, to real analysis of, and solutions to this crisis, or we will move beyond you both.

Both of you have said you embrace the politics of change; now it's time for both of you to show us that you really understand what change means.


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