Friday, December 12, 2008

Senate Republicans Declare War on Workers and Gift Detroit and Nation with Depression for the Holidays

The vote of the Senate Republicans against the auto bill yesterday can mean only one thing: After being so happy to give the wealthy financial class whatever they wanted in bailouts (hundreds of billions of dollars) for the last several months, they have refused to give workers and manufacturers--who actually make real products for the US economy--even a small $14 billion loan to survive for the next several months.

The Senate Republicans have thereby declared war on the working class, and are gifting Detroit and the nation with the real possibility of throwing us all into a monster Depression.

Thank you Senate Republicans, for proving that when it comes to wealth and class, you have remained true to your ideological colors, and would rather destroy what remains of the US manufacturing class, and throw the whole nation into Depression, than admit that your ideology has utterly failed, and has become insanely destructive.

And NOW that the Senate Republicans have given us their destructive gift for the holidays, let all in this nation note down and remember the names of all the Senators who voted against this bill, since these Senators should now be willing to accept what results over the next month from their vote.

And when the history of the coming Depression is written, it will be these names that will be remembered for precipitating it, along with the disastrous policies of the Bush administration for having made it possible, in spite of the recent failed efforts of Bush to argue for the auto loan bill. President Bush has lost even the ability to persuade his own party's Republican leaders, and this is the capping failure of his Administration, and the economic crash will be his and his party's lasting destructive legacy to the nation.


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