Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Killing the Public Option": the AHIP Singers, a Great Example of Policybusting Activism

The large popular movement of support for the public option seems finally to be forcing Democratic Senators to recover from their insurance industry-dictated stupor.

In defiance of all the corporate media prognosticators and pundits who had called the public option dead months ago, this people's reform movement has insisted that anything less than a public option would constitute a fundamental betrayal of the promise of true health care reform. And this people's reform movement seems finally to be awakening Senators (including even Harry Reid) from their long stupor....

In light of these developments, the delightfully humorous protest performance of a group of policybusting singers dubbed the "AHIP Singers" provides a great example of the creative spirit guiding this people's movement for true health care reform:

These creative protesters and policy advocates staged their musical protest against the political murder of the public option on Thursday at the AHIP conference of insurance industry lobbyists meeting in D.C. This performance demonstrates the great fun that can be had while engaging in policybusting advocacy when it is combined with creativity, art, and a great sense of humor!

You can view the youtube video of this staged musical protest against the insurance industry's attempt to "Kill the Public Option" above or on the youtube website here.

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