Monday, December 14, 2009

Spineless Democrats & Pres, No Real Health Care Reform, Democrats Lose in 2010, Return of the Republicans--The Future after Collapse of HC Reform

Well, here we go again with a spineless Democratic party and President-- Our election of President Obama to lead a stronger and more assertive progressive Democratic party that would fight on behalf of the real needs of the American people seems to be completely collapsing under the onslaught of big money and big Private Health Insurance, and everything big except a real willingness to fight for what the great majority of the American people have been demanding-- true health insurance reform, with a public option.

Now even the Medicare buy-in seems to be getting jettisoned so that the most spineless of Democratic parties, caving even to Sen. Lieberman, can say it has gotten something done before Christmas. It's gotten something done alright! If this kind of weak excuse for a health reform bill is what we get for all our hard work over the last year, we will be getting the equivalent of a gigantic lump of dirty coal (or more like a gigantic lump of s--t!) in our stockings for the holidays-- thanks to a weak Democratic caucus and President unwilling to fight for anything other than their own status quo--so spineless they're allowing Sen Lieberman, of all people, to determine the fate of health reform!

Democrats, there is no surer formula than this to guarantee that you will lose miserably in 2010, and all Americans will lose with you, since if we end up with another Republican resurgence next year, even the few hopes we had for some kind of progressive agenda during the first years of the Obama admin. will be dashed to pieces.

And here's the future we'll be facing, as you sell the soul of Democratic reform to obtain your mess of pottage: the Democratic House will lose a bunch of seats in the 2010 election; Obama will continue to lose popularity as those who hoped he would fight for true health care reform lose all hope in him, and the Democrats will lose the White House in 2012, all because the hopes for progressive Democratic reform were completely abandoned over health care.

Thanks again, dear Democratic Senators, for being so completely spineless, and for condemning us to a return to Republican regression and stupidity and to the collapse of any hope for bringing sanity back to our government.

And now, after betraying the hope of this country's people, just go off to your holidays, with your own great health insurance coverage, paid for by the tax dollars of those of us who cant even afford health insurance, and please by all means enjoy yourselves for your great work done!

For shame on you all! You make me sick to my stomach and my soul.

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